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About Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter is an addictive game that will have you coming back for more again and again.

The game presents you with a field of colored bubbles that you have to try and burst. To do this you have to shoot your own randomly colored bubbles and try to make three or more of the same color touch. When you manage this they will disappear in a pop. If you fail to burst any bubbles a few times in a row then another set of bubbles will appear and edge towards your position. If they reach you then it is game over.

At the start Bubble Shooter seems like quite a relaxing game but the pressure start to mount as that wall of seemingly innocuous bubbles heads your way.

To win you need to clear the screen.

Bubble Shooter is really simple but very addictive.

Bubble Shooter History

Bubble Shooter is a classic online game that has been very popular for many years, in fact it was first released around 2001.

The basics are, like most great games, very simple. You are presented with a field or board of bubbles and have ot try and pop them all. To do this you have to shoot your own bubbles and match them with those of the same color already on the board.

We have gathered together the classic versions of Bubble Shooter. In addition we have added many of the variants that have been made since.

Some of these bubble games add elements like multi-player or being able to spin the board. Other games are just bubble related but not actually based on Bubble Shooter.

We hope you enjoy them and let us know if you have a bubble game you’d like us to include or if we are missing one of your favorites.

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